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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is seen as a time of renewal with the birth of new life and energy after the cold of winter. It is a time when many people do spring cleaning. It is a good time to clear out any unwanted items and give your living environment a good clean out. Here are my top Spring Cleaning Tips to create a happier healthier home as a healthy home is vital for a healthy you.

Spring Cleaning Tip 1

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality in offices and our homes is an increasing concern for our health with increased pollution levels in our cities, volatile chemicals emitted from many furnishings, not to mention the presence of dust, pollens, bacteria, viruses and moulds. This problem is especially bad during the winter months when our homes are closed up and heated. This leads to condensation which is perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria to thrive. It is now highly recommended to install a good quality air filter in your home or office or anywhere you are spending considerable amounts of time. I recommend the Winix model for best value for money. You can purchase them at

You should also clean air conditioning and gas heating vents regularly. Indoor plants and salt lamps are also good ways to improve air quality. Finally don’t forget to open external doors and windows regularly.

Spring Cleaning Tip 2

Throw Away Chemical Cleaning Products, Personal Care Products and Cosmetics

  • Many of your cleaning products like toilet cleaners, laundry detergents, personal care products such as tooth paste, shampoo and conditioner and cosmetics including lip stick, hair gels and spray, foundation, face creams and mascara contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphites and sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, methyl benzoates, bleach, heavy metals, etc. which are all damaging to our health.

  • It is possible to source natural products without all the harmful nasties. Switch to natural cleaning products such as microfiber cloths, white vinegar, baking soda, colloidal silver and essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree and clove oil. There are also many natural brands of detergents, hand and body washes. Some of my favourite brands for natural product brands include Abode, Melrose, and Dr Bronners. These are available online or in many health food stores. Enjo also produce a range of natural cleaning solutions. You can check them out at or contact Trudy on 0417 917 362 for more information.

  • There are many natural cosmetic brands available these days. One of my favourite brands for natural cosmetics and personal care products is Miessence. They are available online or in select health food stores. One of my favourite sites to purchase natural cosmetics is

Spring Cleaning Tip 3

Avoid Drinking Tap Water

  • Unfortunately, the lead, rust, chlorine and other chemicals and bacteria in tap water is damaging to our thyroid, and our pineal gland which makes the important hormone melatonin essential for good sleep, immunity and mitochondrial function. These chemicals have also been found to damage our beneficial bacteria in our digestive system which accounts for seventy percent of our overall immune function.

  • Purchase spring water from a reputable source or source a good quality water filter which filters bacteria, chlorine, rust and other harmful chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals. There are many affordable filtration jugs on the market as well as plumbed in water filtration options. I use and stock the Waters Co brand of water filters. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Spring Cleaning Tip 4

Choose Natural Fibres & Furnishings Where Possible

The majority of our furnishings, mattresses, carpets, floor coverings, curtains, blinds and even our sheets and towels are treated with a variety of chemicals which continually release toxins into our living and working environments. Where possible choose natural timber furnishings and fabrics made from natural fabrics like organic cotton.

Spring Cleaning Tip 5

Spend Time in Nature

Don’t spend all your time indoors especially in closed environments under fluorescent lights. Spend time outdoors and especially try to get your bare feet on the earth for up to 20 minutes daily. This has a natural anti-inflammatory and healing effect on the body. Doing some form of regular exercise is essential to stimulate your mitochondria which are essential for maintaining good health and vitality.

Spring Cleaning Tip 6

Reduce Exposure to Wireless Devices and Blue Light

There is mounting evidence that exposure to blue light and radiation from wireless devices, is contributing to significant declines in our health.  This is such a big topic, I have dedicated a whole article to this, and highly recommend that you read it and take on board the simple remedies to help you avoid exposure to wireless devices and blue light.

Click here for information about Reducing Your Exposure to Wireless Devices & Blue Light.

"A Healthy Home is vital for a healthy you"

Finally spring is always a great time to embark on a cleansing or detox program to kick start your metabolism and prepare yourself to make the most of the oncoming warm weather. To begin with, try this Metabolism Boosting Smoothie.  Feel free to consult me for a tailor made detoxification program.

These are just a few spring cleaning tips to help you to create a happier healthier home. 

Here is an infographic as a quick reminder of how you can create a healthier home.