Exposure to Wireless Devices

Reduce Exposure to Wireless Devices and Blue Light

There is mounting evidence that exposure to blue light and radiation from wireless devices like TVs, mobile phones, modems and tablets as well as from fluorescent lights and new style LED lights is contributing to significant declines in our health by causing our mitochondria to dysfunction.

Dysfunctional mitochondria prevent your cells from carrying out their duties, which causes damage and illness in your body. Because your body relies on energy production and signalling from your mitochondria, this process leads to symptoms like daytime sleepiness, fatigue, mood problems, mental health issues, headaches, and poor vision, etc.

Mitochondrial issues are also the source of many modern chronic diseases including diabetes, autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular disease and cancers.

Some simple remedies to help reduce your exposure to wireless devices and blue light, include:

  • Wear blue light blocking glasses when using electronic devices especially at night. You can get good quality blue light blocking glasses at https://mitohq.com/?rfsn=3094731.ca589b;

  • Install software programs like Iris or F.lux on your phones, tablets and computers to change the light spectrum on electronic devices;

  • Use old style incandescent bulbs where possible in your home instead of fluorescent or LED lights where possible. After dark reduce exposure to bright light sources in your home;

  • Switch your phone and devices off or onto air plane mode when not in use or at night;

  • Use RFID blocking sleeves or pouches like the Safe Sleeve for your mobile phone, ipad or lap top. You can purchase these at https://www.earthingoz.com.au/safesleeve/mobile-phones;

  • Don’t keep your phone on your body when switched on and most importantly switch off your wireless router at night;

  • Get rid or your cordless DECT phone and switch to a corded phone as these emit more radiation than your mobile phone or tablet even when they aren’t in use;

  • Use texting instead of talking on your phone where possible, and use hands free or a shielded headset when making phone calls. If you need to use your mobile phone as an alarm switch to airplane mode to block radiation.

  • Avoid using microwave ovens to heat food especially baby bottles. Not only do microwave ovens leak harmful radiation but they change the molecular structure of your food;

  • Ensure your sleeping area is located away from wireless routers and fuse boxes where possible.

These are just a few remedies, that can help you to reduce your exposure to wireless devices and blue light.