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Feeling Overwhelmed,

Stressed or Burnt-out?


Are you taking control of your health?

Don't know where to start?

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 With our fast-paced modern lifestyle it is difficult to achieve balance and more importantly to prioritise the things we need to do to keep us healthy.

Often, we find ourselves reaching for quick and easy take away or comfort foods and don't get around to regular exercise.

Taking control doesn't have to be hard

Don't put it off any longer, begin your journey now with

9 Simple Steps to take you from 

Exhausted to Energised



How often do you just stop and think,
Take a deep breathe and give yourself a moment
To reflect on what you have done, or been doing?

ACT NOW and take back control of your health & wellbeing.

Learn how to make your body, mind and soul create the best version of you.

When we have a health problem, we often look for a single cause, but in the majority of cases it is a combination of multiple factors that occur during our lifetime that result in dis-ease in our body.

Personally, I believe that one of the main causes of disease and the epidemic of autoimmune conditions is our disconnection with nature and our modern hectic lifestyles

A "Be Blessed" acronym is used to encourage you to look at your life and guide you to implement ways in which you can improve your immune system and overall health and vitality.

What's Included

    • Practical suggestions

    • Tips and tricks

    • Recipes

    • Guided videos

At the end of the course, you will:

    • Feel less stressed

    • Sleep better

    • Have more energy

    • Strengthen your immune system

    • Feel positive and in control


Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on learning these things, the Exhausted to Energised Course is only $40 for the full program.


Are you ready to make some changes to your current lifestyle?

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Get to know Terrie Beresford and see how the "Exhausted to Energised Course" can help revitalise your health and wellness journey.



I'm Terrie Beresford, a Sydney based Naturopath.

I currently hold qualifications in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Remedial Massage from Nature Care College. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and I am an accredited member with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Being a truly holistic practitioner, I believe it is essential to consider all aspects of my clients, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I am continually undertaking further studies in the Health Sciences to maintain my position at the cutting edge of complementary healthcare and provide you with the most up-to-date treatment options.

I am incredibly passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with others and have authored a recipe and lifestyle guide “Feel Good with Real Food”. I am also a contributing author to a number of international bestselling books including “Healing Your Immune System Naturally”, “Life After Lupus”, “Age is An Attitude”, and “Creating Confident Kids”.

I feel privileged that I have the opportunity to educate and make a difference to what I believe is our most important possession “Our Health”.


For me naturopathy is not just a job but a way of life


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