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Setting Goals

At New Age Naturopathics, we believe that the pursuit of health and wellness is a journey that transcends the confines of a specific month or time of year. While the New Year often inspires a fresh start, setting goals should be an ongoing practice, a positive commitment to your health and well-being that can be embraced at any moment.

The Significance of Setting Goals

Your health is the cornerstone of your potential, and prioritising it is key to unlocking your full capabilities. Health goals are not just about physical appearances but encompass the entirety of your being. They should be realistic, achievable, and aimed at nurturing your holistic well-being.

Within the realm of "health goals," we recognise three vital categories: physical, mental, and social.

  • Physical Goals: These involve what you can do with your body, from strength training to adjusting your sleep schedule and everything in between.
  • Mental Goals: Focusing on emotional regulation, stress management, and self-care habits, recognizing that mental well-being is integral to overall health.
  • Social Goals: Emphasizing the development and sustenance of meaningful, loving, and respectful relationships, including setting boundaries and improving communication.

The interconnectedness of physical, mental, and social health, along with dietary habits, forms a powerful equation. Positive changes in one area can ripple positively across the others, contributing to increased energy, confidence, stronger relationships, and mental resilience.

Example: Setting Goals for Weight Loss

Let's explore the practical steps of setting a weight loss goal, illustrating how simple changes can pave the way for transformative results:


  • Hydrate with at least 2 litres of filtered water daily.
  • Incorporate daily movement, including cardio exercises, resistance training, and HIIT.
  • Integrate more steps into your day through simple changes like taking the stairs or walking during lunch.


  • Establish a regular sleep schedule for optimal rest and weight management.
  • Cultivate a realistic yet positive attitude, practicing self-compassion through highs and lows.


  • Make choices that prioritise your health, not just to meet others' expectations.

Aligning Goals with Eating Habits

Setting goals extends to your eating habits, a critical aspect of achieving holistic well-being. Consider these dietary goals:

  • Reduce refined carbs and added sugar.
  • Limit processed foods and prioritise whole, nutritious options.
  • Increase protein and fibre intake for satiety.
  • Practice mindful eating, minimising distractions during meals.
  • Explore intermittent fasting for a personalised eating schedule.

Remember, the journey toward well-being involves looking at the whole person.

While there's no shortcut to prioritising your health, setting meaningful and motivating goals is a proven strategy for a feel-good journey. Be specific, document your goals, revisit them regularly, and seek support from an accountability partner.

Your health is a precious asset, and proactive efforts now can prevent the uphill battle of regaining it later. As you embark on your goal-setting journey, consider our "Exhausted to Energised" course, a comprehensive guide to becoming a happier, healthier version of yourself.

So, which of these strategies will you incorporate as you are setting goals for the year ahead? Your health is a lifelong investment, and the choices you make today will shape a vibrant future.