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Terrie Beresford


Terrie Beresford is a naturopath, based in Sydney.

It was through Terrie's own health crisis whilst working overseas in banking in Tokyo, Japan that she realised there was more to life than money and that Western medicine was not the answer to a long healthy life.

At that time Terrie was sleeping only every second night, had constant stomach pains, anxiety and headaches. Unfortunately due to cultural differences it was difficult for her to find any professional medical or natural medicine options which were effective for her.

It was at this time that Terrie took control of her health and decided to stop processed food, caffeine, sugar and alcohol and take up the regular practice of yoga and meditation. She also quit her well paid banking job and travelled around the world for eight months.

This experience ultimately led Terrie to study and practice naturopathy. Since then she has never looked back and is happy to report that since starting her practice as a naturopath in 2005, she have not had one sick day.

Terrie's QualificationsQualifications

Terrie Beresford currently holds qualifications in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Remedial Massage from Nature Care College. She also have a Bachelor degree in Health Sciences and is an accredited member with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Terrie is happy to say that she has seen many miraculous transformations through educating people on the benefits of eating real foods together with herbal medicines and supplements and lifestyle recommendations such as filtered water, skin brushing, infra red saunas, grounding, meditation, yoga and taichi or other forms of exercise.

Being a truly holistic practitioner, Terrie believe it is essential to consider all aspects of her clients, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Terrie continually undertaking further studies in the Health Sciences to maintain her position at the cutting edge of complementary healthcare and provide you with the most up-to-date treatment options.

Terrie is incredibly passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge with others and has authored a recipe and lifestyle guide “Feel Good with Real Food”. Terrie is also a contributing author to a number of international bestselling books including “Healing Your Immune System Naturally”, “Life After Lupus”, “Age is An Attitude”, and “Creating Confident Kids”. Further details can be found on the Resources page

Terrie feels privileged that she has the opportunity to educate and make a difference to what she believes is our most important possession “Our Health”.

Terrie Beresford's philosophy:

"Naturopathy is not just a job but a way of life"