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As a Sydney Naturopath, Terrie has face to face consultations and video consultations for her interstate patients. Hear what patients are saying about how New Age Naturopathics (Terrie Beresford) has helped with their various health conditions.


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Personal Testimonals

"I first met Terrie Beresford in April 2016 at her rooms in Sydney, I flew from Melbourne, coming from a small northern Victorian country town population 900 it was a bit daunting, as I had never been to Sydney before. I was very ill and my wife had read a book Terrie had been involved in, and we had decided a couple of weeks earlier that I would make the trip to Sydney, the day after I saw my specialist in Melbourne for the Ulcerative Colitis condition I had been struggling with since been diagnosed aged 22 in 1986.

I had many years of high doses of prednisolone and numerous other drugs to try and contain this disease that really effects your quality of life. In 2013 I required a Triple bypass due to artery damage from the years of high doses of the prednisolone and then become a insulin  dependent type 2 diabetic.

That initial visit to Terrie was the beginning of turning my life around medically and regaining health and quality of life. My ulcerative colitis has all but been a distant memory the last year, my diabetes is well controlled I am currently in a state of health that I have not known for over 30 yrs, which has taken discipline and fortnightly, then monthly FaceTime appts with Terrie.

I cannot thank Terrie enough for myself and for my family. I still think back to that day I boarded the plane and how I was wondering what the future held for me, as I felt my health had nearly bottomed out."

"I was suffering from several Auto-Immune Diseases (Sjogren's, Polymalgia Rheumatica, Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease as well as Emphysema) when I went to see Terrie after reading "Life after Lupus"...How to Heal your ImmuneSystem by Lynda Dyer...with whom Terrie is not only a Naturopath & Medical Herbalist but also a contributing  Author of this book!

I had been searching for a Naturopath/Nutritionist with the hope of healing my body through natural remedies,including Diet/Nutrition, supplements and Herbs....This she has done with Fantastic Results by including a DNA test with which she has been able to Tailor my specific needs to help me on my path to true Wellness!

I am so very very grateful to Terrie as I am so much better than I was. I don't know how to put into words how much she has improved my life with her Expertise. I would without hesitation recommend Terrie to everyone."

"I have been seeing Terrie for around ten years and she has greatly improved the quality of my health.

Terrie has literally helped me breeze through menopause. While my friends were complaining about hot flushes I was getting none of these side effects. This is directly thanks to Terrie.

Terrie is a very knowledgeable and caring person. If something comes up that she is not familiar with she sees it as an opportunity to learn and grow as a practitioner and will research to look for an answer to help you.

Since I started seeing Terrie she has not only help me but many members of my family from my grand children, children and husband all the way to my parents not to mention friends. I have been very blessed to have Terrie’s help and guidance."

"Several years ago while over in England my frequent long days / late nights left me with glandular fever, which turned into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome soon after.

I'd been seeing an Osteopath for a while regarding a back problem. Upon arriving to one of my appointments I was greeted with a look of subdued shock. "Geoff... you look... exhausted."

Then followed a sentence that changed my health again. "You really should see Terrie. She'll sort you out."

Now, I was a touch sceptical as I'd always relied on my body to heal itself, and Naturopathy seemed like a lot of potions and pipedreams.

However, since starting regularly taking supplements and taking more control over what I do and don't eat my energy levels have skyrocketed. I feel like the person I was before glandular fever. It's been a fairly long haul but I'd recommend it to anyone. Especially with Terrie around as a guide."

"Before visiting Terrie I suffered from out of control weight gain, high cholesterol, reflux and low energy.

Following her personalised treatment plan which included herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, detoxification diet and lifestyle recommendations, I was transformed.

Not only did I lose weight, but my reflux and cholesterol are under control and I have an abundance of energy.

Thank you Terrie for changing my life"

"I have been seeing Terrie Beresford since 2011. When I first started seeing her I had been diagnosed with chronic diverticulitis. Now, my latest test found no diverticula at all. She is very easy to talk to and I feel my life choices are better informed and well supported. I certainly feel that I have come a long way health-wise since I first started seeing Terrie."

"My husband and I had decided that we wanted to have another child. However, we were finding it difficult to conceive.

After following Terrie’s natural fertility treatment for 6 months I finally became pregnant.

I am now the proud mother of a healthy baby girl."