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Since the viral outbreak began I have spent countless hours researching how the virus works and how we can best protect ourselves and remain healthy.

In order for you to better understand this information I have put together some short video, which I encourage you to share with family and friends.


What is the Coronavirus?

This episode explores what the coronavirus is, how it differs from the influenza virus and why it is so dangerous for certain parts of our population.


Natural Medicine Recommendations

This episode discusses my top herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to boost your immune system and support your body during these increasingly uncertain and stressful times.


What to Eat to Boost Immunity

This episode discusses the importance of a health diet for building a healthy immune system. In addition to recommendations on what foods to eat and avoid, it also recommends some nutritious, affordable and tasty meal options.


Building Resilience

This episode focuses on ways to build resilience and overcome the stresses and fears caused by the pandemic.


Your Questions Answered

This episode answers some of the questions received by my community and particularly the best way to deactivate viruses and tips to stay healthy while in lock down.