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Managing Your Autoimmune Condition

Managing Your Autoimmune Condition

In my Sydney naturopath practice I often highlight to my patients, the importance of managing their autoimmune condition. There are many beneficial dietary and lifestyle changes as well as supplements which can help them. It is important to note the following:

  • The importance of their diet,

  • What foods to avoid, and

  • What foods to eat.


Autoimmunity - The Silent Epidemic

Autoimmunity - The Silent Epidemic

I come across many people who are suffering from autoimmune disorders, (many being my Sydney naturopath patients), who are looking for ways to overcome their autoimmune disorder.  Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • What is an autoimmune condition?

  • How do autoimmune conditions occur?

  • What are the causes?

This article will help you to better understand autoimmune conditions.

Promoting Good Bacteria

Promoting Good Bacteria

Our digestive process is highly dependent on the balance of beneficial bacteria throughout the digestive tract. Probiotics enhance digestive system function and overall wellbeing, as well as regulate immune function through interacting with the large proportion of immune cells located in our digestive system.

One Size Does Not Fit All

When selecting a probiotic supplement, it is important to choose the right probiotic strain for the right condition, as not all are created equal. Probiotics are made up of a genus, species and a strain; for example, Lactobacillus (genus) plantarum (species) 299v (strain). Scientific evidence has shown that particular strains exert different effects within the body, making them beneficial in helping with specific health concerns.

Surviving the Silly Season

Top Tips to Surviving the Silly Season

With the festive season upon us yet again and as a Sydney based naturopath, I thought it would be useful to provide some healthy tips to help get you through the silly season. During the festive season we are more likely to be indulging in alcohol and rich, sweet and fatty foods, increasing the toxic load for our poor livers to process. The liver is responsible for processing these nutrients and determines whether they are to be used as energy, stored as fat tissue or eliminated from the body.

Building Healthy Bones

Building Healthy Bones

More than Calcium Supplements

As a Sydney Naturopath, I believe that building healthy bones is important, as your bones reflect the total health of your body.

Unfortunately, Osteoporosis is an ever-increasing problem in Western societies. This debilitating problem is only set to get worse as people continue to live longer. The general consensus is that calcium is the principle nutrient required for healthy bones. Whilst it is true that calcium is the primary mineral contained in bone, there are many other minerals, vitamins, dietary and lifestyle factors which affect the health of our bones. This article will discuss these in detail.